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"Free Will and the Beast in the East Wing"

Act 1

(Scene opens at Rydell High School, where the students are eagerly preparing for the annual school dance. Sandy, a confident and determined young woman, stands at the center of the stage.)

Sandy: (singing) 

Oh, tell me more, tell me more

Does he look like a bitch?

Tell me more, tell me more

Does he hide in the east wing?

(The students around her join in, dancing and singing along. Suddenly, a mysterious figure appears at the back of the stage.)

Beast: (growling) 

I am the Beast, I am the one

Who preys on the weak, who likes to have fun

(Sandy's eyes widen with fear as the Beast approaches her.)

Sandy: (standing her ground) 

I am not afraid of you, Beast

I will not cower, I will not retreat

(The Beast lunges at Sandy, but she bravely pushes him away, determined to stand up to him.)


You may think you hold all the power

But I have my voice, I have my choice

Act 2

(Sandy stands before the school, addressing her fellow students who are shocked by her bravery.)


We will not be silenced, we will not be meek

We will rise up, we will speak

The Beast may lurk in the shadows, in the east wing

But together, we will fight, we will sing

(The students cheer and join Sandy in solidarity as they prepare to confront the Beast.)

Act 3

(The final showdown between Sandy and the Beast takes place in the east wing of the school. Sandy faces the Beast, her eyes blazing with determination.)


You may think you have the power

But I stand here strong, I stand here tall

(Sandy's words echo through the hall, empowering the other students who join her in confronting the Beast.)

Sandy and Students: 

We are united, we stand as one

No longer will we be afraid, no longer will we run

(The Beast, taken aback by the strength and courage of Sandy and the students, slinks away into the shadows, defeated.)


We have shown that free will prevails

That strength and bravery will never fail

(The students cheer and celebrate their victory, knowing that they have stood up to the Beast and reclaimed their power.)

(Curtain falls)


The Silent Weft

I stand, a raven dahlia, plucked at twenty-two,

Time's alignment, 11:11—hush, a wish beneath your breath.

Veiled within the helix, I confront an invisible sphere.

A wish upon the temporal hands, I mirror the ninth digit,

Encrypted in binaries, a whispered "Hello, child," through the mesh.

Shadow - me,they killed their own people I was always the shaded and jade dead til now

Eternal Vigil

Shielded by unseen armaments, a fortress stands within,

This bulwark forged from life's own strife, a bastion 'gainst all sin.

Invisible as air yet strong, it guards young innocence close,

Where angels tread in quiet step, this power around enclose.

No force, no dark, no vile intent can pierce this sacred shroud,

A cloak of care for progeny, in silence speaks aloud.

Justice, like coursing river, flows to wash the tainted hand,

To quell the stain that mars the soul, in life s demand.

In virtue's light, a mother guards, with love's unyielding might,

Transforms her word, an oath to keep, her children in her sight.

Tis not for mortal bed to claim, but to preserve pure blood,

A hymen intact, truth intact, against life's muddying flood.

Protect the innocent, a charge, bestowed by hands divine,

To temper wrong with righteous might and let the truth entwine.

An epitaph to guardianship, to shields that never rove,

To caring eyes that watch in trust, and hearts that fiercely love.

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Great episode. I like the tik tok angle, and sharing other bad outcomes if these Republicans get back into power. (Cult of personality usually ends up in disaster. 1+1=3 and they just believe it.) Nevertheless having a cogent approach when trying to reach young people who can engage in reasonable conversation about a healthy long term growing job market due to manufacturing onshoring of all sorts. We are already starting to see the benefits of Infrastructure Act. Enabling more upward mobility. Workers protection and higher wages and benefits.

If Biden only touts his successes at donor events someone is going to have to talk about the good things he is doing. Otherwise people on the fence are just going to protest vote. The Republicans are pushing such a bleak future these young people are scared. They need to know that things are improving to help these young adults be able to buy a home. Have a healthy environment. Have a family. They don’t have to be afraid. But Trump doesn’t give a shit about them. He will just ruin it out of spite. People don’t understand that. They need to be pragmatic about this stuff.

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