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Remembering Hal Malchow


The conversation revolves around Hal Malchow, a political consultant, and his unique circumstances. Hal's efforts to get his son into the Lab School, a renowned institution for different learners, are discussed. The conversation also touches on the importance of political consulting and the lack of emphasis on credentials in the field. Hal's decision to seek assisted suicide due to his mother's dementia diagnosis is explored, leading to reflections on mortality and legacy. The host expresses a pensive mood and emphasizes honesty. The chapter concludes with a discussion of Hal's successful career in political consulting.


  • Hal Malchow, a political consultant, played a significant role in democratic politics and had a sterling reputation for direct mail solicitation.

  • The Lab School in Washington, D.C. is a legendary institution for different learners, and Hal's efforts to get his son admitted highlight its importance.

  • Political consulting is a field that values talent and results over credentials, providing opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

  • Hal's decision to seek assisted suicide to avoid the suffering caused by Alzheimer's disease prompts reflection on mortality and the legacy we leave behind.

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