Politics War Room with James Carville & Al Hunt
Politics War Room with James Carville & Al Hunt
232: After Iowa

232: After Iowa

James and Al dive into the state of the race after the Iowa caucus by examining the performances of the candidates and the role of third parties before welcoming Rep. Rosa DeLauro.  They game out the upcoming budget battle facing the divided Congress, explain why we’re stuck with continuing resolutions, and weigh the potential replacement of Speaker Johnson.  With essential services supporting vulnerable women and children on the line thanks to radical Republicans’ willingness to shut down the government, will the Democrats be able to pull off an important win?

Email your questions to James and Al at politicswarroom@gmail.com or tweet them to @politicon.  Make sure to include your city, we love to hear where you’re from!

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Politics War Room with James Carville & Al Hunt
Politics War Room with James Carville & Al Hunt
Join Carville and Hunt as they gather the sharpest minds from across the country to see who has the most compelling case for the American people on the issues that matter most.